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Along with his pioneering work in Sound Therapy, David Hulse has been inspiring individuals on their spiritual journey of awakening for decades.  Over the years he has taught many empowering courses that we will share with you to be an inspiration to you on your journey.

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FREE Gift: Relationships: Starmates, Soulmates, Twin Flames!

When someone comes to me and says, "David, I found my Soulmate!"  I usually reply, "I wish you luck, Soulmates are a lot of work!"

My free gift to you for helping me launch this new venture is sharing with you my unique take on relationships. We all have each of these types of relationships in our lives and understanding their purpose and the role they play in our growth can be helpful as we navigate life.

Over the years of spiritual counseling individuals and couples, I have witnessed three types of relationships: Starmates, Soulmates and Twin Flames. In my gift to you, we will explore a concept used in relationships that can enhance your overall well-being and give insight when someone is using this powerful dynamic. 

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I hope you enjoy exploring how to create relationships of the heart and I look forward to sharing more with you as we launch this new venture.

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Relationships: Soulmates, Starmates, Twin Flames

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About the Academy for Spiritual Awakening!


The RISE Spiritual Awakenings courses and community are designed to support you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.   We will have 3 areas of focus: Seekers, Explorers and Awakeners.   We are in the process of uploading all the courses in the background. Founding members will be notified when we launch new courses. 

Seekers: Have you walked away from your childhood religion or are you attending a church that teaches you are a sinner? Have you thought to yourself, "There has to be a better way to create a fulfilling life?"  We will have courses and a community for you to seek answers to your questions and assist you in discovering how amazing and powerful you are!

Explorers: These courses and community will be for those that are in the process of exploring their newly discovered spirituality.  Areas of exploration include various spiritual traditions, Body-Mind-Spirit, ACIM and more...

Awakeners: This area is for those that have developed enough mastery of their individual journey by achieving their personal peace - AKA Zen.  You are now ready to be of service awakening others in their world.  Courses on Spiritual Development, Group Exercises and more...

The categories are to assist you in finding the area to start and you are free to move around from there as you are led by Spirit. 

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David Hulse, Your Iconoclastic Spiritual Guide

Throughout his years of spiritual searching, David has challenged many traditional doctrines, theologies and dogmas. He has inspired numerous individuals toward a journey of self-discovery by sharing his own experiences.

As David has traveled through various beliefs about God, he now sees himself as a bridge between the old and the new. 

His stirring presentations of intuitive wisdom will inspire and challenge you to move from believing in God to the experiential realm of knowing God and manifesting the spiritual aspects of Love, Peace and Joy in our life!

Thank you for joining David Hulse for this enlightened journey: the Academy for Spiritual Awakening!