Your Sanctuary for Spiritual Awakening

I’m David Hulse, and I'm excited to invite you to our sanctuary for seeking higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Here, we offer a space of unconditional love, and resources for you to find answers to your spiritual questions. Through diverse courses, a supportive community, and thought-provoking teachings, we provide a nurturing environment to assist you in your quest for spiritual awakening.

Whether you are beginning your exploration or deepening your practice, our academy is designed to guide you every step of the way. We blend the wisdom of ancient texts with contemporary metaphysical insights, honoring the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Join us on a transformative journey where we will challenge conventional beliefs and embrace profound personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

Exploring the Academy

At the Academy for Spiritual Awakening, we blend the timeless wisdom of ancient texts with contemporary metaphysical insights to help you discover your true potential. Our unique approach allows us to interpret traditional religious teachings through a spiritual lens, making them accessible and relevant to modern seekers. We draw from diverse sources such as "A Course in Miracles," the Gospel of Thomas, and other contemporary spiritual philosophies. This integration creates a rich tapestry of knowledge that allows us to meet each person where they are on their journey of awakening.

In our sanctuary, we emphasize the importance of direct personal experience of the divine, encouraging you to move beyond second-hand religious doctrines and dogmas. This journey is about awakening to your inner potential and living a life filled with love and purpose, through radical transformation. Join us and explore this vibrant interplay as we walk this path together towards spiritual awakening and fulfillment.

Meet David Hulse

I’m David Hulse, and my spiritual journey has been one of continuous exploration and transformation. Over the past six decades, I’ve moved beyond the traditional fundamentalist religious framework of my early years in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to embrace a broader, more inclusive understanding of spirituality. My life’s work has and is dedicated to questioning and challenging conventional religious dogmas and offering a message of unconditional love, inclusivity, and personal empowerment.

My teachings uniquely blend metaphysical insights with practical applications. Drawing from ancient texts like the Gospel of Thomas, which reminds us, "The kingdom is within you," I strive to help individuals uncover the divine presence within themselves. By interpreting these timeless teachings through a metaphysical lens, I make them relevant and accessible to modern seekers. This approach allows people to move beyond second-hand religious doctrines, to experiencing the divine directly.

Throughout my career, I have seen the transformative power of my lectures and courses help countless individuals shed limiting beliefs and embrace a higher state of consciousness. My focus is on raising consciousness and self-discovery, guiding you to recognize your inherent authenticity and potential. Through dynamic lectures, experiential workshops, and interactive courses, I aim to create a space to guide you toward lasting transformation and awakening.

I invite you to join me on this journey, where together we can explore the profound depths of our being, challenge conventional beliefs, and awaken to a life filled with love, purpose, and personal empwerment.

Benefits of Joining

Personal Transformation

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. By transcending conventional belief systems, you can connect with the infinite intelligence and love of the universe, unlocking your true potential and experience profound personal transformation.

Holistic Growth

We blend the wisdom of ancient texts with contemporary metaphysical insights, creating a comprehensive pathway to well-being. This holistic approach ensures all aspects of your existence are in balance, promoting overall health, peace, and inner fulfillment.

Community Support

Become part of a compassionate and supportive community. Share your insights, gain inspiration, and find encouragement from like-minded individuals. Our community is dedicated to helping each other thrive on their spiritual paths, offering a sense of belonging and mutual support that enhances your spiritual journey.

Exclusive Resources

Enjoy access to a wealth of exclusive resources tailored to your unique journey. Benefit from personalized recommendations, full audio books, master classes, and private sessions with me. These resources are designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your spiritual practice, providing you with the tools you need to grow and evolve.

Practical Tools

Discover practical techniques for managing stress, enhancing emotional well-being, and achieving spiritual clarity. Our courses offer actionable insights that you can apply in your daily life, helping you navigate challenges with resilience and maintain a profound connection to your inner wisdom. By integrating these practical tools into your routine, you can achieve a more harmonious and enlightened state of being.

Find Your Pathway

Embark on a transformative adventure with our "Find Your Pathway" feature. This personalized tool is designed to illuminate your unique spiritual quest, guiding you towards greater clarity and deeper connection with your true self


As a Seeker, you are at the beginning of your spiritual exploration, curious and eager to discover more about yourself and the universe. You may be questioning old beliefs and searching for deeper meaning and connection. Our recommendations will help you build a strong foundation by introducing you to essential spiritual concepts and practices. You’ll find introductory resources, guided meditations, and supportive community connections that will ignite your awakening and set you on a path of discovery and growth.


As an Explorer, you have already embarked on your spiritual journey and are delving deeper into the teachings and practices that resonate with you. You are committed to expanding your understanding and seeking more profound experiences. Our tailored guidance will support your quest for deeper knowledge and spiritual growth. We offer advanced resources, in-depth courses, and opportunities for meaningful community engagement that will help you further explore and integrate your spiritual practice into your daily life.

Through the "Find Your Pathway" feature, you gain personalized insights and guidance that empower you to navigate your spiritual journey with confidence. Whether you are just starting out or looking to deepen your practice, our tailored recommendations ensure you have the tools and support you need to progress and thrive.

Discover Your Spiritual Path

Membership Introduction

Joining the Academy for Spiritual Awakening opens the door to a world of spiritual growth and community support. Our membership tiers are designed to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey, providing you with the resources and guidance you need to thrive.

Overview of Membership Tiers and Benefits

We offer three distinct membership levels, each with unique benefits to support your spiritual development:

Sanctuary for Searching (Free)

This free tier is perfect for those who are just beginning their spiritual journey and are eager to explore the basics. By joining this tier, you will receive:

  • Email Subscription: Stay updated with our latest news, events, and spiritual insights delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Introductory Materials: Access a selection of introductory resources, including guided meditations, articles, and starter courses designed to ignite your spiritual curiosity and provide a strong foundation for your journey.
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Sanctuary for Connecting ($9/month)

For those who are ready to dive deeper and engage with our community, this tier offers a wealth of resources to support your continued growth:

  • Full Audio Books: Gain access to a library of full audio books on various spiritual topics, allowing you to learn and grow on the go.
  • Community Forums: Join our vibrant online community forums where you can share experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Monthly Master Classes: Participate in exclusive monthly master classes led by spiritual leaders, including myself, covering a wide range of advanced spiritual topics and practices.
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Sanctuary for Transforming ($33/month)

Our most comprehensive membership tier is designed for those who are fully committed to their spiritual awakening and transformation:

  • Private Circles with David: Join exclusive private circles with me for more intimate and personalized guidance.
  • Exclusive Sessions: Access special sessions and workshops that are not available to other membership levels, providing you with deeper insights and advanced teachings.
  • Course Discounts: Enjoy significant discounts on all our courses, allowing you to expand your spiritual education and practice without financial strain
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By becoming a member of the Academy for Spiritual Awakening, you are not only investing in your own spiritual growth but also joining a community dedicated to collective enlightenment and support. Choose the membership level that best suits your needs and take the next step on your spiritual journey today.

Explore Our Courses

Our diverse range of courses is designed to cater to all levels of spiritual development. Each course offers profound insights and practical tools for personal growth, helping you to explore and deepen your spiritual practice. Here are some of the key courses we offer:

Body Mind Connection

Discover the profound ties between your body, mind, and spirit in our Body Mind Connection course. This course explores how these aspects of your being are interconnected and how aligning them can lead to holistic well-being. Through a combination of lectures, practical exercises, and guided meditations, you will learn techniques to harmonize your physical, mental, and spiritual selves. This course is ideal for those looking to achieve balance and enhance their overall health.

From Sin to Zen Audio Course

If you are in the process of re-examining old childhood beliefs and have realized there has to be a “more excellent way”, this podcast is for you. With this in mind, I invite you to “Take Another Look” at some of the most important tenants of fundamental Judeo-Christian dogma. We will explore these basic ideas from the cultural context in which they were experienced and written, as well as the influences of the translators. This will take us from a fear-based message to the good news, of a love-based premise. Or From Sin to Zen!

Explore Courses

Connect with Our Community

Become part of a vibrant and supportive community dedicated to spiritual growth and enlightenment. At the Academy for Spiritual Awakening, we believe that connection and collaboration are essential to the spiritual journey. Our community offers a welcoming space where you can engage in meaningful discussions, share your experiences, and find encouragement and inspiration from like-minded individuals.

Engage in Discussions

Join our lively online forums and community groups where you can dive deep into spiritual topics, ask questions, and share your insights. Whether you’re seeking advice on your spiritual practice or looking to explore new ideas, our community is here to support you. Engage in thoughtful conversations with fellow seekers and explorers, and gain diverse perspectives that enrich your own understanding.

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Share Your Experiences

Your journey is unique, and sharing your experiences can provide valuable insights and inspiration to others. Our community offers numerous opportunities to share your story, celebrate your milestones, and receive feedback and support. Participate in community events, online meetups, and group meditations, and build lasting connections with people who are on similar spiritual paths.

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