Finding Your Pathway

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

The First Step in Discovering Your Path

Welcome to a space where curiosity meets wisdom, and every step taken is a step closer to the essence of who you are and the vast, spiritual universe that surrounds us. Here, under the guidance and warmth of David's teachings, you embark on a journey that is uniquely yours, in a community that holds your quest for deeper understanding in the highest regard.

As you stand at this crossroads, ready to explore the depths of your being and the mysteries of the spiritual realms, we invite you with open hearts to dive into this journey of discovery and awakening. This isn't merely a pathway; it's a voyage towards your true self.

The questionnaire below is the first step on this profound journey. Crafted with intention and care, each question mirrors your innermost spiritual yearnings and serves as a compass directing you towards the teachings that resonate most deeply with your soul's current needs.

In answering these questions, we encourage you to listen to the whispers of your heart and respond with honesty and openness. There are no right or wrong answers here—only signposts guiding you towards the content that will enrich and enlighten your spirit at this moment in your life.

Whether you find yourself drawn to the foundational aspects that awaken a questioning spirit within or you're ready to embark on deeper explorations that challenge and expand your understanding, know that you are embraced by a community eager to support your spiritual growth. Each response will tailor your journey through our resources, ensuring that your exploration is in perfect harmony with your personal quest for enlightenment.

So take this moment to center yourself, to connect with your intuition, and to embrace the journey that unfolds. This is your opportunity to uncover the layers of your spiritual being, to engage in a journey of enlightenment, and to discover the infinite potential that resides within.

Welcome to a space where love guides us, curiosity drives us, and the journey towards spiritual awakening is a journey taken together. Let's begin.

      Spiritual Awakening Quiz

10 multiple choice questions to help guide you to the most empowering path:

1. Do you primarily identify with a specific religious tradition or are you seeking a broader spiritual perspective?

2. How important is it for you to align spiritual teachings with scientific understanding?

3. Have your spiritual explorations led you outside the mainstream religious teachings you were raised with?

4. Is the concept of experiencing direct, personal spiritual insights or revelations important to you?

5. Are you looking for teachings that challenge conventional religious doctrines in favor of a more personal spiritual experience?

6. To what extent do you believe in integrating diverse spiritual practices into your personal journey?

7. How resonant are you with the idea of a universal divine essence encompassing both masculine and feminine aspects?

8. Are you seeking a spiritual community that validates your existing beliefs or one that challenges you to grow beyond them?

9. Do you believe spiritual growth is a personal journey, or does it also involve guiding others?

10. Are you open to exploring esoteric interpretations of spiritual texts, such as seeing the Bible through a metaphysical lens?

Quiz Complete

Three Pathways to Light Your Way...


Questioning the dogmas of your childhood religion. Are you thinking, "There has got to be more than this?"

Take Another Look Book and MP3

  • From Sin to Zen Podcast
  • Taking another look at Christian Dogma
  • The Lord's Prayer
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Exploring your Power as a Spiritual Being. "What does it mean to awaken to my authentic self?"

God on Assignment-Book and MP3

  • Intelligence of the Heart
  • Exploring Gnosticism Series
  • Body Mind Connection
  • An Adventure Through the Seven Centers of Personal Power
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Awakened and ready to be of service to others on their pathway of discovery. "I am still learning, but how can I share what I have learned so far?"

A Fork in the Road Book and MP3

  • Monthly Insights with David 
  • Community Moderators
  • Dimension Leaping Course
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